Why is the plate3quartersfull?

Kristie Beattie

Have you every had the ultimate food experience? One that is unlike any other and that becomes the benchmark upon which you measure every other encounter you have with food?

I haven’t.

For me, food is a measure of each unique individual experience rather than something which stands alone. Whether your spend your rent in one night or stop over at a friends for a BBQ, the plate is never quite full.

My name is Kristie Beattie and since the days of watching my Grandfather in his kitchen in Vienna, Austria, I cannot remember a time when I was not fascinated by the consumption and creation of food.

I am a journalism student from Sydney, Australia, and throughout my studies I have been lucky enough to travel overseas and learn new recipes, styles and cooking techniques. I have also worked in some amazing restaurants including Araxi in the beautiful ski resort town of Whistler, B.C, Canada.

This blog is my avenue through which I can explore the concept of ‘plate3quartersfull’, or how there never is that ‘ultimate food experience’; instead, food is about reinvention, celebration and exploration.


2 Responses to Why is the plate3quartersfull?

  1. Benjamin Collocott says:

    Well what a delightful little blog Kristofer! A lovely mixture of revues and recipes that should make any good ‘foodie’ hungry for their next restaurant experience and conversely, should send any newcomer to the food world scurrying off to find their first.

    Looking forward to forthcoming entries,


  2. Tova says:

    Great blog. Look forward to reading more. You’re amazing!

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